King’s Survey

Imagine auditing the best American history class you never had: great teacher, lively students, and conversations that not only bring the class to life, but help you make sense of the world in which you live now—with all the boring parts cut out (and no homework).  That’s King’s Survey.

This blog narrates a year in the life of the U.S. History survey entirely in the form of dialogue. You’re a fly on the wall as you hear a collection of voices banter and engage a curriculum that runs from the arrival of Columbus to the present. Each post captures a few minutes of conversation from the cast of characters whose identities you can pick up from the immediate context, from the cumulative experience of reading multiple entries, and/or from the brief introductions to the students on the right side of this home page (“Cast of Characters”). Your tour guide is Abraham King, a.k.a. Abe King, a.k.a. Mr. K., who provides background information, asks questions, and moderates the sometimes boisterous discussions that result.

This is a fictive classroom, a fictive school, and a fictive teacher. Indeed, the goal is less verisimilitude than edification and entertainment (not necessarily in that order). Drop in any time; there will always be a conversation going on. But please don’t assume it’s about anyone you know—with the partial exception of the author.